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We are India's most trusted Concertina Coils Manufacturer, Supplier in India, Get quotation for best quality Concertina Coils at low price in India. Concertina Coils is one of the many modern security fencing materials fabricated with a razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. Concertina Coil can be installed to courage the result of anxious and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders, with piercing and cutting Razor Wire with Blades introduced at the top of the boundary wall, also the special designs maker of climbing and touching extremely difficult between the fencing.

It is used to prevent free corrosion. Currently, Concertina Coil has been majorly used by many countries in the military areas, prison boundaries, detention houses boundaries, government buildings surrounding to prevent the theft, and other national security boundaries. In recent years, Concertina coil has become the most popular high used fencing coils and wire for not only for defense and national security applications area, but also for residential cottage and society area fence, and other private buildings.

Maa Tara Engineers is an experienced manufacturer in this technology, and we can handle any requirement of the security fencing wires with high quality at affordable prices. We are a certified company in the fencing field and work as per the standards of the Ministry of Defence Government of India. Our engineer works with full dedication in this field of security fencing & leads the company to high product demand in the Indian market & as well as the global markets.

You can secure your surroundings by Maa Tara security fencing services and be safe together. Feel free to reach the leading and reputed concertina coil manufacturer in India for more details.

Different types of Concertina Coils offered by Maa Tara Engineers:
1) Normal galvanized by Zinc coating
   • Electroplated concertina coil.
   • Hot-dip galvanized concertina coil.
2) ZAL aluminum SRPBT concertina coil.
3) Stainless Steel– 304 / 316-grade concertina coil.

Features of Concertina Coils:
• These coils are lighter in weight (about 40%) and can be easily installed and transported
• Consumes lesser length in comparison to other common barbed wires
• It is considered as the most effective obstacles against possible intrusion by men or wild animals
• Sturdy in construction, easier and economical in installation use
• Concertina Coils has more than 160 barbs per running meters
• Security fencing is highly effective, and hence is very difficult to cross over

Manufactured from:
• High Tensile Galvanized Steel (HTGS) Wire
• Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheet

Advantages of Concertina Coils:
• High Tensile (Strong) wire is used
• Used in more than 165 countries across the world
• It has long-lasting shelf-life and can be modified, extended, shifted and re-erected from one place to another with minimal loss of materials and labor
• Easy installation & Aesthetic Appearance
• Excellent service life & Fine Quality
• Corrosion Resistant

Why choose Maa Tara Engineers for concertina coils? We are a leading concertina coil manufacturer in India. The coil manufactured by Maa Tara can be customized as per the client's requirement. We offer concertina fencing consisting of a wide range of Diameter 300 mm to 1200 mm. Our team suggests the appropriate Diameter after Analyzing the Threat Perception.

We are a well-known company in the business of security fencing & barbed wire. Fencing & Barbed wire is very safe for security purposes like society, metro-rail, industrial business hubs, car parking, Loans Garden & many more. We also have the manufacturing wings in which we manufacture, export, and supply high-tech security fencing wires with barbed tapes. All our products and services are highly demanded by household clients & government ministry of defense, Government of India.

We are manufacturing and supplying high-quality products with highly appreciable services to our clientele that is why we are growing very fast and we are now renowned in the global market. We have achieved this position because of our highly experienced team who is specialist engineers, who have done hard work for our company. They are having good experience in the field of security fencing barbed concertina wire manufacturing.

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